Enrollment Intake, & Candidacy 


R-5 High School provides an alternative educational choice setting open to all learners. However, as a school of choice, space is limited and all prospective learners must apply for entry. As an alternative school, R-5 offers a narrower range of elective choices than found in a traditional high school. The application and enrollment process is designed to ensure a match between the school's program and course offerings and the learner's needs.

R-5 will have 5 intakes throughout the school year (roughly, August 10, September 14, October 14, January 6 and March 15). All paperwork is typically due one week prior to the intake date, but sooner is better. Because we are a vocational school, learners must be 16 on or before the date they will be starting.

Current Learners:
Learners who were enrolled at R-5 at the end of the 2020/2021 school year will automatically be enrolled at R-5 again next year. Those learners will not need to do anything for registration until after July 29th . Watch for an email in July regarding online registration.

New Learners:
For the 2021/2022 school year, please fill out the Pre-Enrollment Form.  R-5 will have 5 intakes throughout the school year: August 9th (first day of school), September 7th, October 18th, January 5th, and March 14th. Please fill out the Pre-enrollment form at least one week prior to the intake date, sooner is better. 

First, if you will be 16 or older, fill out the attached Pre-Enrollment Form. This will let us know you are interested and start the registration process.

Fill Out Pre-Enrollment Here  (If you fill this form out during the summer, you will not receive a call for an intake until the end of July)

Formulario de preinscripción de la Escuela Preparatoria R5 

Next, once we have reviewed your Pre-Registration information and it is determined that the learners meets the R-5 criteria, then an R-5 secretary will schedule an interview. During the interview, we will assess the learner's educational needs and goals. The learner will have the opportunity to explain why he/she wishes to attend R-5 High School, his/her goals and aspirations, educational experiences, and academic history. R-5 offers multiple intake
dates throughout the year and the learner will be invited to begin the first day of the next
available intake day


Upon entering R-5, learners must have a signed training agreement for a job or volunteer position, be enrolled in Career Center or Western Colorado Community College, or be enrolled in a 7th and 8th hour vocational intervention at R-5. learners are in candidacy during their first ten days at R-5. During candidacy, the learner must demonstrate commitment to his/her education at R-5 by physically attending all classes a minimum of 90%, actively engaging in each class, demonstrating readiness for R-5 and participating in vocational training. More than one absence in this ten day period will bring the learner below 90% attendance and may result in not meeting candidacy. Failure to meet candidacy results in the learner losing his/her status as an R-5 learner. Learners who do not meet the candidacy requirements may be invited to re-enter on candidacy at the next intake day and/or may always reapply at a future date. Upon successful completion of candidacy, the learner is an official member of the R-5 student body!

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