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R-5 Home of the Phoenix

Why: We know that learners come from everywhere and can differ greatly in what they need to succeed. R-5 is the alternative for the high school student who needs a non-traditional pathway, academic recovery, and personalized support. Relationships and experiences are what drive the “why” behind our staff and our learners. 

What: R-5 learners engage in several projects designed to meet academic standards across all content areas in a hands-on way. Our structure is unique in that students have 4 projects on their schedule in addition to an advisory. The projects are selected by the learner and their advisory teacher to meet their remaining credit deficits and progress toward graduation. 

When: Learners are on campus from 8-12:30. All learners must have a secondary placement where they work, volunteer, or learn for a minimum of 10 hours per week. R-5 students earn additional credit for their secondary placements. 

Who: An R-5 Phoenix is 16 years of age or older and ready to move toward career readiness. Our learners are in the workforce, concurrent enrollment, internships or are parents themselves. They are willing to get dirty, get moving, and redefine what academic success means to them. Each student has a place in our community so we expect our students to be here on time, set their phones aside, and connect with their teachers and peers. We require students to be here no less than 70% of the time. R-5 is a choice and if a young person decides to be a Phoenix, we expect them to choose R-5 every day.

R5 High School

Young Parent Program: This program is designed to provide four focused hours of instruction daily to teen mothers and fathers, or soon-to-be mothers and fathers, as well as provide childcare for their infants and toddlers while they attend class.

It is a well-structured support component that helps students gain needed life skills, learn about pregnancy and parenting, and how to access community resources, in addition to meeting their academic needs